Toy Gun Blaster for Nerf Guns Soft Foam Bullet Darts

Toy Gun Blaster for Nerf Guns Soft Foam Bullet Darts

Toy Gun Blaster for Nerf Guns Soft Foam Bullet Darts

Experience the ultimate shooting fun with the XM1014 Air Powered Shell Ejecting Spring Rifle Shotgun for Kids Boys. This toy gun blaster is perfect for outdoor activities and shooting games.


This soft foam blaster is easy to use and has a unique shell ejection function. You only need 4 quick steps to load: open the magazine, load 5 bullets, pull the pump back, and pull the trigger to shoot. When reloading, the cartridge case of the last bullet will be thrown out. This feature brings you a movie-like immersive shooting experience.

Manual Bolt & Adjustable Shoulder Stock

This shotgun is manual bolt loading, and the loading process is smooth without jamming. The adjustable shoulder rest can be rotated up to 45 degrees, allowing players to load the dart without removing it from their shoulder. It can be adjusted to 4 different lengths (maximum 35 inches), allowing players to find the most comfortable posture.

High Precision in Long Range

The foam dart blaster has a range of 8~10 meters and is equipped with adjustable double sights, which can accurately hit distant targets. This toy gun is not only a toy for teenagers, but it can also give you a high-quality professional shooting experience.

Safety EVA Soft Bullets

This toy foam blaster comes with both normal soft bullets and sucker soft bullets. Bullets with suction cups can be better locked on the shooting target, and the lightweight sponge material will not cause any injuries when hit, making it safe for kids and adults.

Get Unlimited Fun

This 38-inch long XXL large toy gun blaster set will be a perfect choice as a birthday or holiday gift for your kids if they are fans of shooting games. For model gun lovers, this product will also become a great addition to their collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How many bullets can the magazine hold?
  • A: The magazine can hold up to 5 bullets.
  • Q: Are the bullets safe for kids?
  • A: Yes, the bullets are made of lightweight sponge material and are safe for kids.
  • Q: Can the shoulder stock be adjusted?
  • A: Yes, the shoulder stock can be adjusted to 4 different lengths for maximum comfort.


The Toy Gun Blaster for Nerf Guns Soft Foam Bullet Darts is a must-have for any shooting game enthusiast. With its unique shell ejection function, manual bolt loading, and adjustable shoulder stock, this toy gun blaster offers an immersive and professional shooting experience. The safety EVA soft bullets ensure that both kids and adults can enjoy unlimited fun without any worries. Get ready to take your shooting games to the next level with this amazing toy gun blaster!