Mr.SHOTAMAZE: The Ultimate Miniature Circuit Breaker

Mr.SHOTAMAZE: The Ultimate Miniature Circuit Breaker

Mr.SHOTAMAZE: The Ultimate Miniature Circuit Breaker

Are you tired of dealing with bulky, outdated circuit breakers that are difficult to install and operate? Look no further than Mr.SHOTAMAZE, the latest innovation in circuit breaker technology. With its sleek design, durable construction, and user-friendly features, Mr.SHOTAMAZE is the perfect choice for all your circuit protection needs.

Key Features

Miniature Circuit Breaker

Mr.SHOTAMAZE is fitted with a high-quality miniature circuit breaker, providing reliable protection for your electrical circuits. Say goodbye to frequent tripping and unreliable performance.

ON OFF Switch

With the convenient ON OFF switch, you can easily control the power supply to your circuits. No more fumbling with complicated controls or risking electrical hazards.

First Class ABS Plastic

Our circuit breaker is made of first-class ABS plastic, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. It can withstand the rigors of daily use without compromising on quality.

Water Inlet and Outlet Threaded Model

For applications that require water protection, Mr.SHOTAMAZE offers a threaded model with water inlet and outlet features. Keep your circuits safe and secure, even in challenging environments.

Manual Reset Model

In addition to the standard automatic reset function, we also offer a manual reset model for added control and customization. Choose the model that best suits your specific requirements.

Color PINK

Who says circuit breakers have to be boring? Mr.SHOTAMAZE is available in a stylish pink color, adding a touch of personality to your electrical setup. Stand out from the crowd with our vibrant design.


Is Mr.SHOTAMAZE easy to install?

Yes, Mr.SHOTAMAZE is designed for easy installation, with clear instructions provided for a hassle-free setup process.

Can I use Mr.SHOTAMAZE for outdoor applications?

Absolutely! Our threaded model with water inlet and outlet features is perfect for outdoor use, providing reliable protection in various environments.

What is the warranty on Mr.SHOTAMAZE?

We offer a comprehensive warranty on all our products, including Mr.SHOTAMAZE. You can purchase with confidence, knowing that your investment is protected.


Don’t settle for subpar circuit protection. Upgrade to Mr.SHOTAMAZE and experience the difference for yourself. With its advanced features, durable construction, and stylish design, Mr.SHOTAMAZE is the ultimate choice for all your circuit breaker needs. Say goodbye to outdated technology and hello to a new era of electrical safety.