Digging Dolls Tumbled Girasol Quartz Stones

Digging Dolls Tumbled Girasol Quartz Stones

Digging Dolls Tumbled Girasol Quartz Stones

Are you looking for high-quality tumbled stones for your crafts, art, or spiritual practices? Look no further than Digging Dolls 1 lb Tumbled Girasol Quartz Stones from Madagascar. These exceptional stones are perfect for a wide range of uses, including crystal healing, Wicca, Reiki, and more!

Exceptional Quality Rocks

Each 1 lb bag of tumbled Girasol Quartz stones contains rocks that measure between 0.75″ to 1.50″ on average. These stones are carefully tumbled to create a smooth and polished finish, showcasing the natural beauty of the quartz. The exceptional quality of these rocks makes them perfect for a variety of applications.

Perfect for Crafts and Art

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, these tumbled stones are a fantastic addition to your collection. Use them to create unique jewelry, mosaic art, or mixed media projects. Their smooth surface and beautiful translucency make them a versatile and eye-catching material for any craft or art project.

Crystal Healing and Spiritual Practices

Girasol Quartz is known for its gentle, soothing energy, making it a popular choice for crystal healing and spiritual practices. These tumbled stones can be used to promote emotional healing, enhance meditation, and bring a sense of calm and tranquility to any space. Whether you’re a healer, practitioner, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty and energy of crystals, these stones are a must-have.

Wicca and Reiki

For those who practice Wicca or Reiki, Girasol Quartz is a valuable addition to your toolkit. These stones are believed to enhance intuition, promote spiritual growth, and facilitate energy work. Whether you’re casting a circle, performing a healing session, or simply seeking to connect with the natural world, these tumbled stones can support and enhance your practice.


With their exceptional quality and versatile uses, Digging Dolls 1 lb Tumbled Girasol Quartz Stones from Madagascar are a valuable addition to any collection. Whether you’re a crafter, artist, healer, or spiritual practitioner, these stones offer beauty, energy, and endless possibilities.