BCBESTCHESS Handicrafts Tournament International Flat Wooden Chess Board

BCBESTCHESS Handicrafts Tournament International Flat Wooden Chess Board

BCBESTCHESS Handicrafts Tournament International Flat Wooden Chess Board

Size Name: 14 x 14 Inches

About the Chess Board

Best Chess Wooden Handcrafted Chess Board, perfect board game/toy designed to curate your mind differently. This game has an essence of both learning and playing for fun. Keeps children and adults busy for hours. A game that stimulates your imagination and senses.

The Game of Kings & Queens

Fun filled, recreational, and competitive board game that is played between two players. It is sometimes called Western and International game to distinguish it from other games. It originated in India almost 1500 years ago in the 6th century and then spread to Persia and other countries. Rulers of empires and kingdoms from ancient years had high regard for this game as they saw how the game was fitting practice on their strategy and forecasting skills of ruling their empires.

Universal Game

A universal game that is regarded as the game of geniuses, gentlemen, and other gifted people, it’s no surprise many parents would love to get their kids to love it as well. It is best if the kids start learning this game at a young age for a greater impact and know-how. Yet there is no age limitation for playing this board game. The key to making the chess game more fun to learn is on the process of how you teach them; and making it a wonderful bonding activity for the entire family does magic.

About the Chess Board

  • Best Chess Board: Handcrafted Rosewood Wooden chess board that is portable. Learn to play like the pro with this unique premium quality chess board. The game of chess is appealing and exciting.
  • Ideal for kids and adults: Best alternative to the electronic gadgets as most kids and adults are engrossed in playing games on Mobile, tab or laptop these days. Ideal game for developing intellectual personal skills and also helps to sharpens your memory with this wooden chess board game.
  • Professional & Portable Game: Our chess boards are suitable for professionals or beginners, and are perfect gifts for those who love chess. Perfect choice for any puzzle games lover as it is a perfect exercise of thinking and imagination abilities of adults, the elderly and Kids. Perfect for playing indoors and outdoors both. One can practice easily on this chess board for tournaments.
  • Sturdy and Elegant: It is elegantly designed with Rosewood Wood. All pieces are beautifully crafted and they also go through rigorous quality checks to make sure that you receive a world-class product. Perfect gift for your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, and any other occasion as well.
  • Handcrafted: Unlike other chess boards, this flat chess board is handcrafted from the finest artisans of India ensuring excellent quality of every piece with high-quality raw material that is sturdy and durable.


To avoid a warped board, store on UPRIGHT/VERTICAL instead of laying flat to even out humidity.


The BCBESTCHESS Handicrafts Tournament International Flat Wooden Chess Board is a perfect board game/toy that stimulates the mind and provides hours of entertainment. It is a game that has been played for centuries and continues to be enjoyed by people of all ages. The handcrafted wooden chess board is not only sturdy and elegant but also portable, making it suitable for both professionals and beginners. Whether you are looking to develop your intellectual skills or simply have fun, this chess board is the ideal choice. So, gather your family and friends and embark on a journey of strategy and imagination with the BCBESTCHESS Handicrafts Tournament International Flat Wooden Chess Board.