ACS Portable STEAM Bath Machine (Remote Control) for Home Gym and Beauty SPA

ACS Portable STEAM Bath Machine (Remote Control) for Home, Gym and Beauty SPA

ACS Portable STEAM Bath Machine (Remote Control) for Home, Gym and Beauty SPA

Product Description: The ACS Portable STEAM Bath Machine is a smart way of enjoying steam at home. It provides freedom, convenience, and privacy, allowing any family member to use it with their own convenience.


Mobile Portable Sauna

Comparing with large wooden saunas, this portable far infrared sauna brings much convenience to you. The sauna kit is equipped with a foldable structure and comes with everything you need.

Remote Control Setting Temperature and Time

You can directly switch on/off the far infrared sauna using the remote control. The remote control allows you to set the temperature and time, and you can adjust them by pressing a button.

Waterproof Washable Material

This far infrared sauna is made of waterproof cloth, which is washable. The three-layer cloth has a better effect in heating, and it does not require inflating.

Easy to Set Up, Close Down, and Clean

It only takes one minute to set up or close down the portable sauna. There is no mess to clean up, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

More Comprehensive Functions

The far infrared sauna is useful in relieving pressure, easing insomnia, promoting health preservation, dispelling body coldness, and detoxification.

Important Safety and Caution Information

  • Do not fill water completely, leave some gap. Wait for some time for the iron to heat up before using the steam function effectively.
  • To prevent water leakage, keep the iron horizontal when not in use.
  • Steam irons go through multiple tests during manufacturing. Due to this, you may find some water droplets inside the product water tank.


Experience the convenience and relaxation of the ACS Portable STEAM Bath Machine. With its remote control, waterproof material, and easy setup, it provides a comprehensive solution for enjoying steam at home, gym, and beauty spa. Say goodbye to stress, insomnia, and body coldness, and embrace a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle.